Term Loan

Raise funds from your owned asset

We can help you to raise working capital from assets such as JCBs, commercial vehicles, and other plant and machinery that you already own. Using a chattel mortgage, your assets can provide security, with a charge registered at Companies House and any applicable asset registry, so that additional security such as personal guarantees or charges over property may not be necessary.

Term loans from JCB Finance start from £100,000 and are available to limited companies (excluding those in Scotland). Terms and fees apply.

Benefits of Term Loan:

  • Tailored repayment schedule to meet the needs of your business
  • Asset value does not need to match the size of the loan
  • You may be able to request payment breaks
  • You may draw down funds in instalments or as a lump sum
  • Tax deductions may be available when assets are used for business
  • Interest rate will be agreed and fixed at the time of documentation
  • You may use any income generated by the assets to repay the loan

What happens at the end:

  • Any charges registered at Companies House are cleared.


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