Find out about the temporary £1m per year increase to the Annual Investment Allowance. UK business users only. Terms and eligibility criteria apply.
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Annual Investment Allowance

Annual Investment Allowance

Updated January 2023

In autumn 2022, the Chancellor announced his intention to make permanent the heighted level of £1 million tax relief opportunity under the Annual Investment Allowance

£ per £ tax relief

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) is a type of capital tax allowance that offers 100% tax relief on qualifying capital expenditure in the year of purchase.  Expenditure on business assets (e.g. plant and commercial vehicles) per year is 100% allowable against taxable profits of a business, deductible in the year that you buy them. This accelerates the tax relief rather than the tiered writing down allowances (WDA) normally applied over several years. Effectively a business can save £1 in taxable profits for every £1 spent on eligible purchases.

This £1 million per year tax relief is available for qualifying expenditure – but the exact amount you can claim is based on eligibility and the timing of the purchase in relation to your financial/tax year end.

Benefit from tax relief on JCBs, commercial vehicles and much more

Most assets claimed for business use qualify including: excavators, telehandlers, tractors, combines, loading shovels, sprayers, and commercial vehicles. Cars cannot be claimed under this scheme.

Expenditure is usually pooled rather than specific items being handled separately and any eligible purchases beyond this £1 million limit would still be eligible for the standard writing down allowances.

Spread the payments and preserve working capital

Claim the AIA against qualifying assets placed on Hire Purchase (HP) – just as if you had paid cash. You can enter into a Hire Purchase agreement for qualifying assets and benefit from the relief prior to all the payments of the agreement being made, in addition to the normal cash flow benefits of using Hire Purchase

What should you do today?

Click here to find your local JCB Finance Relationship Manager to discuss a tailored Hire Purchase facility to match your cashflow.  

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