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Boot Family Celebrate 600 Years' Service

The Boot family has amassed an amazing 600 year's service at JCB. 27 family members have worked at the company since Bill Boot joined JCB in 1949. 11 family members currently serve across the business including Tina who worked at the JCB factory for 2 years and has been a valued member of JCB Finance for 30 years .

"It is such an amazing achievement and it's lovely to be part of a family who has such a strong connection with JCB.

Members of the Boot family have worked for the company for generations and it's astonishing to know we have all clocked up a combined 600 years." - Tina Boot.

You can read more about the Boot family by clicking here. The milestone has just been reached as JCB prepares to marks its 75th anniversary on October 23rd - the day in 1945 that the late Joeseph Cyril Bamford founded his business in a lock-up garage in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.