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JCB Finance Online: Designed to keep customers safe

Our JCB Finance Online facility has been evolving since its launch in 2015. The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be the catalyst to invest further in our online portal to ensure the safety of customers and the ability to offer a secure, remote signing process for new and existing customers.

Customers sign new agreements via their JCB Finance Online account and can also view any other agreements they may have with us. These accounts are password protected and an SMS is required for login.

Anti-Fraud Impersonation checks are integrated in the setting-up process of a customers’ JCB Finance Online account. This is to ensure only the relevant people within the business can access confidential information. These checks are also applied when signing new agreements.

How to tell it’s us:

  • We will only send correspondence regarding a customer’s JCB Finance Online account to the authorised individual who has undergone Anti-Fraud Impersonation checks.
  • SMS messages always come from JCB Finance.

If you are a JCB Finance customer and would like to learn more about setting up a JCB Finance Online account, please contact your Relationship Manager.


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