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JCB Finance Support National Apprentice Week 2020

Hiring apprentices is an ideal way to develop new talent and improve the future skills of our business. Practical, on-the-job training combined with the academic learning structure of an apprenticeship, provide rich and varied learning opportunities in real-life workplace settings and we’ve found that our apprentices make a positive and meaningful contribution from very early on. Investment from experienced colleagues through training and mentoring, is crucial whilst at the same time, extremely rewarding and helps to ensure a firm’s experience and knowledge is retained and developed.

We asked Compliance & Risk Apprentice Megan about her experience with JCB Finance and how she balances studying with her work duties...

When did you begin your apprenticeship with JCB Finance? I started my apprenticeship in October 2019, after joining JCB Finance in July 2019.

How do you manage studying as well as your work activities and responsibilities? As part of the apprenticeship I have to complete 20% off the job training. It was agreed that I would have two half days each week to complete this training. The timing of these sessions can be flexible, which allows me to fulfil the requirements of the apprenticeship around my scheduled work activities.

What are the top 3 best things you’ve learned during your apprenticeship so far?

1. How to study using distance learning, as the apprenticeship is completed using webinars and conference calls rather than going to a college/university to study.

2. Improved presentation skills, something which I have not had to use regularly in the past.

3. How to plan out my time effectively, to ensure that I meet targets and deadlines, whilst balancing work activities.

If you were considering university as a possible option before deciding to take up an apprenticeship, what would you say are the benefits of taking on an apprenticeship compared to university? An apprenticeship allows you to learn on the job alongside studying, which can help with relating your studies to experiences at work, helping with your understanding and allowing you to put into practise what you are learning. Although it is not all about the money, apprenticeships also provide you with the opportunity to get paid whilst furthering your education.

How do you see your career at JCBF developing once you’ve achieved the apprenticeship? I am hoping to complete further Compliance qualifications following my apprenticeship, to continue to improve my knowledge. This knowledge will be vital as I further my career with JCB Finance, no matter what role I am in.