The 10th of October 2023, marks World Mental Health Day. Find out more about the charities and organisations which offer guidance and support.
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World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Today, marks World Mental Health Day. 1 in 4 people experience mental health issues at any given time.


Running a business can be overwhelming, especially in the current uncertain economic climate. Worrying can take over and taking the first step to reach out for help can be hard.


When you are ready to share, organisations and charities are there to help, listen and provide support.


Organisations and charities which can help include:


Lighthouse Club: Provides financial and emotional support to the construction community and their families. Click here to visit their website, which includes information on mental health support.


House Builders Federation. Actioning site-based teams to deliver a toolbox talk produced in partnership with the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity to encourage healthy conversations on mental health on-site.


RABI: The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution is farming's oldest and largest charity, serving the farming community since 1860. Please click here to view a list of other charities that RABI work with to provide support, including Samaritans, Stay Alive, Staying Safe and Farm Well.


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