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JCB FlexiLease is an operating lease specifically designed for JCB’s. Offering customers all the associated features and benefits of an Operating Lease but with one big difference – any profit over and above the investment value is yours. A kind of cash-back opportunity at the end of the lease. This can be a win-win situation for your business. Watch our short video to learn more of the features and benefits of JCB FlexiLease

With fixed low-cost lease instalments reflecting a predicted future investment value which remains unpaid by the customer and VAT payable along with each instalment, JCB FlexiLease can be a method of acquiring long term use of a JCB in a way that is easy on the cash flow.

In addition, you will be told what the investment value is at the outset and within 30 days of the end of the agreement you have the opportunity to find an approved buyer, giving the supplying dealer first option. Any profit achieved above that investment value is yours!

You are protected against any loss made on disposal and you can simply return the machine to JCB Finance if you wish.

Return conditions apply and you will not own the machine at the end.


• Low capital outlay - usually one monthly instalment per year of the lease
• No VAT payment due up-front as the VAT is paid with each instalment
• Low fixed instalments due to the investment value - allows for accurate budgeting and improves cash flow during lease term
• Tax efficient - speak to your accountant about how the facility would work for you
• Profit from disposal - no risk and all the reward, subject to return conditions
• A hedge against future inflation and interest rate rises
• Potential off-balance sheet funding - speak to your accountant about how the facility would work for you

How it compares:

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