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CBI calls for focus on infrastructure

The CBI is also looking for the final go-ahead to be confirmed for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station in Somerset so that construction work can begin, as well as a reform of the way the industry’s business rates are calculated.

CBI director-general John Cridland said: “Businesses recognise the public purse is under pressure, which is why they want the government to continue tackling the deficit, alongside targeted, affordable measures to keep UK growth motoring now, in the next Parliament, and beyond.

“We know firms are concerned about the state of our roads and energy supply and affordability, so the arrowhead of business recommendations is a major push on improving the country’s infrastructure. Businesses want to see the government set out clear project plans, with start dates and timescales.

“We also want to see the government encourage innovation and enterprise by reforming the outdated business rates system, which is a disincentive to company expansion, alongside expanding the R&D tax credit to encourage development, as well as research activity, in the UK.”

The tunnel under Stonehenge has been proposed to reduce growing congestion on the A303.

Earlier at in the CBI’s annual conference Prime Minister David Cameron addressed these concerns, announcing government plans to improve congestion on the A303 going towards the south west as part of a package to tackle road improvement costing around £15 billion.