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Government announces £6 billion pothole fund

The long-term funding will be available from next year until 2021 to all councils for fixing potholes as well as overall improvements to local roads across the country.

In confirming the investment, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin highlighted the troublesome nature of potholes on local roads, calling them a “menace to all road users.”

He added: “The £6 billion funding I am announcing today will put an end to short term fixes and will mean we have committed £10 billion between 2010 and 2021.

“This huge investment is part of our long term economic plan to ensure we have a transport network fit for the 21st century.”

The billion-pound investment equals an average of £976 million a year for councils to use towards fixing the problem, which could see in the region of 18 million potholes dealt with across the country.

The money will be divided up, with £4.7 billion shared between the country’s 115 councils. Of the remaining funds, £575 million will be put into a challenge fund, designed to be used towards the upkeep and ongoing repair works needed to maintain the infrastructure of the local highways, including street lights, bridges and junctions.

A further £578 million will form part of an incentive fund available from 2016 to councils who are carrying out improvements that are deemed cost effective on projects that are value for money.

Geoff Allister, executive director of the Highways Term Maintenance Association welcomed the announcement, specifically flagging the incentive fund.

He said: “Those that can show they truly understand the value of their asset can plan greater efficiencies and deliver cost-effective, preventative maintenance, making the available money go even further.”

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