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Government launches funding for housebuilding

The 60 sites from various councils currently have planning permission but have stalled due to red tape. The fund will help resolve any long-standing issues with developments aimed for local families, the Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said in a press release on 10 October.

He added: "Our work to reform the planning system and get Britain building has already cleared the way to build almost half a million new homes since 2010, and seen planning permission granted on 230,000 homes in the last 12 months alone.
"Today’s £3 million will be a boost to sites that have the green light for development but are being held back by red tape.
"The money will help councils clear the way for builders to get on site and get work underway quickly, providing families with new homes and boosting local businesses and jobs."

Councils were able to bid for a portion of the fund earlier this year, outlining to the Government what would be done with any money received in order to tackle planning barriers and progress housebuilding on sites with planning permission.
The successful councils will receive between £36,00 and £120,000 to use for resolving problems that are slowing intended housing developments. Issues encountered by councils include delays in applications for related consents, such as environmental permits and wildlife licensing.

The largest proportion of the funding available will go to Hart District Council, Havant Borough Council, East Hants District Council after the councils submitted a joint bid. The funding will be spread out over 2014/15 and 2015/2016.
While the majority will receive around £50,000, the councils taking the smallest amount of £36,000 each are the Royal Borough of Greenwich and St. Helens Council.