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New housing high on politicians' agendas

The Liberal Democrats have made a manifesto pledge to build an additional 300,000 houses a year as part of plans to boost house building to provide more good quality accommodation. Key to the plans is the creation of “at least” 10 new garden cities across England which would result in the building of tens of thousands of new houses.

In addition, the party says that, if elected, it would directly commission private house building as part of efforts to speed up the process.

And the Lib Dems also pledged to create a Housing Investment Bank, which would be used to provide the construction capital for large new building projects.

Deputy Prime Minister and party leader, Nick Clegg, said: "Liberal Democrats believe everyone should have the opportunity to have a decent home at a cost they can afford. That's why we have increased house building in government but we want to go much further.”

Meanwhile, the Conservatives announced a new ‘right to buy’ scheme for England, which would allow housing association tenants to buy the homes they rent. In their manifesto they have announced that 200,000 quality Starter Homes (reserved for first time buyers) and 217,000 affordable homes will be built over the next Paliament if they are elected. They have also pledged to fund Housing Zones to transform brownfield site into new housing, which will create 95,000 new homes.