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Construction industry has six months to adhere to new CDM regulations

Health and safety chiefs are allowing firms time to adapt to the new guidelines, which come into force from 6 April 2015, following consultations within the sector.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published draft guidance on CDM’s legal requirements, which are aimed at informing both the dutyholders under the regulations, as well as workers.

Changes that come into force with the application of the CDM shake-up include the removal of the CDM coordinator role. These duties will now be fulfilled by the positions of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor. Under the relaxed rules from health and safety official, construction jobs that are already underway before 6 April will be allowed six months to appoint these positions.

Philip White, HSE chief inspector of construction explained: “The guidance may be subject to change while the regulations are awaiting parliamentary approval but we want duty holders to have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the main requirements before they come into force.

“In addition we have worked with the industry to produce guidance to assist small businesses.”

The new CDM regulations also highlight the importance of the client in any project, noting them as the head of the supply chain and in the position of setting standards.

The UK Contractors Group (UCG) welcomed the draft guidance published by the HSE in the run up to the new regulations coming into force.

UKCG head of health and safety David Lambert commented: “Members will be keen to investigate how any new bureaucracies can be avoided, how the changing of relationships and responsibilities will be worked out, and how the transitional arrangements will work.”