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Home Latest News British agriculture industry 'contributed £10bn in 2014'

British agriculture industry 'contributed £10bn in 2014'

The figures, compiled by farming ministry Defra, revealed that despite a slight 4.4 per cent decline in Total Income from Farming last year, the industry continued to work hard to deliver improvements wherever possible.

Defra estimated that the year was influenced heavily by “increased production offset by lower prices and reduced payments resulting from the less favourable euro/sterling exchange rate”.

It detailed a mixed picture, with the value of wheat up £382 million over the year to an impressive £2.472 billion, while the value of barley over the year was down by £239 million to £896 million. Livestock showed an overall increase for both milk and meat production.

The news from Defra comes amid calls from those working within the agriculture industry for the incoming government to help prioritise British farmers and the industry as a whole.

The National Farmers Union, with support from those across the sector, has urged the next government, who will be voted in this Thursday (7 May), to recognise the importance of the industry and continue to invest.

It appears that the message has been heard and farming has cropped up in more than one party's manifesto as politicians acknowledge the importance for continued investment in the infrastructure and people that keep the sector moving.